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nove Much of the history of street performance [...] is found in laws that prohibit it. Sally Harrison-Pepper vii

86 Página515 agreeable when emoticons were used in conversation. Finally, Derks et al. (2007, p. 843) emphasize how emoticons enhance the exchange of social information by providing additional social cues beyond what is found in the text of a message. 2.3 ICONICITY Emoticons are iconic, in the sense that they visually resemble facial expressions, to a greater or lesser extent. They have traditionally been created by using letters and punctuation marks (as in [;-D], but nowadays graphic emoticons (the ones with full facial display and even animated quality) are the norm, to the extent that in many interfaces, if one types a typical sequence for creating an emoticon (e.g. typing ; ) in succession), a fully iconic, graphic emoticon is automatically created. This increasingly iconic quality of emoticons may alter the way the information that they communicate is interpreted by the reader. But are underlying emotions easier to identify when they are coded as fully iconic emoticons? In a recent article, Churches et al. (2014) claim that text-based emoticons are interpreted just like faces even though the reader has to turn his/her head 90º to actually spot the facial resemblance. It is common sense to assume that fully iconic graphic emoticons will be processed even more like a face, given the greater resemblance. The emotions tied to facial expressions should also be easier to spot (GANSTER et al., 2012, p. 229). In this sense, Yuasa et al. (2011) showed how these graphic emoticons activate the area used in emotional discrimination and also the area that is typically activated when seeing a human face, although to a lesser degree.

48 Página477 Relevance theory is built around two principles. The Cognitive Principle of Relevance makes a fundamental assumption about human cognition: the human cognitive system is geared to look out for relevant information, which will interact with existing mentally-represented information and bring about positive cognitive effects based on a combination of new and old information. Relevance itself is a property of inputs to cognitive processes, and is defined in terms of cognitive effects gained and processing effort expended: other things being equal, the more cognitive effects gained, and the less processing effort expended in gaining those effects, the greater the relevance of the input to the individual who processes it. The human disposition to search for relevance is seen as an evolved consequence of the tendency toward greater efficiency in cognition (SPERBER; WILSON, 2002). It is, furthermore, a disposition that is routinely exploited in human communication. Since speakers know that listeners will pay attention only to stimuli that are relevant enough, in order to attract and hold an audience s attention, they should make their communicative stimuli appear at least relevant enough to be worth processing. More precisely, the Communicative Principle of Relevance claims that by overtly displaying an intention to inform producing an utterance or other ostensive stimulus a communicator creates a presumption that the stimulus is at least relevant enough to be worth processing, and moreover, the most relevant one compatible with her own abilities and preferences. This Communicative Principle motivates the following relevance-theoretic comprehension procedure taken from Wilson and Sperber (2002, p. 13): Relevance theoretic comprehension procedure (a) Follow a path of least effort in computing cognitive effects: Test interpretive hypotheses (disambiguations, reference resolutions, implicatures, etc.

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81 63 época e causam estranhamentos. Muitas pessoas se mudam de modo a cidades em Parecer do empregos nas fábricas, levando-as a habitar espaçESTES cada vez Muito mais lotados e Ainda mais ruidosos. Neste contexto, a música do rua se somava ao barulho cotidiano da cidade e era vista tais como um contraponto desregrado em comparação aos novos padrões do disciplina e ordem urbana: [ ] street music represented a festive disruption of disciplines in this case, those of middle-class work and leisure and in its very status as hackneyed slang, it presented a provocative other, an alternative to acceptable middle-class definitions of music. Just as the itinerant performer came to symbolize an invasive affront to professional labors, so his music became a lawless other, a threatening double to the respectable concert or drawing-room recital. It was in essence a Victorian variation on rough music, a latter-day charivari that asserted populist unruliness against the new standards of urban discipline imposed by the moralizing force of the Metropolitan Police. (PICKER, 2003, p. 63) É simples compreender, diante deste cenário, saiba como este projeto do lei do Michael Bass era visto como 1 mecanismo importante, a ser qual a publicaçãeste do livro Street Music in the Metropolis em 1864 teve 1 papel fundamental no processo de aprovaçãeste do projeto do lei, qual acabou passando, usando algumas modificações: [ ] in July 1864, his motion passed through to Royal Assent without debate, although changes to the wording of the act partly moderated Bass s original extremist language. [Charles] Babbage s [sic] Act has passed, and he is a public benefactor, the mathematician Augustus Do Morgan wrote to the distinguished astronomer John Herschel, A grinder went away from my house at the first word.

70 Página499 The reason why, in our opinion, it is hard for relevance theorists to solve the emergent property issue is that they think that emergent properties not only have to be attributed to the topic but also to the denotation of the metaphorical vehicle. This assumption, nevertheless, is not assumed in all the approaches on metaphor. When the speaker uses bulldozer metaphorically in (3), he is not talking about a bulldozer but about Robert, a person, and he is not interested in applying this expression to things that it literally applies to. Nothing is meant to be conveyed about literal bulldozers in the interpretation of (3) and much less does the speaker intend to apply a property of human temperament to a bulldozer. In its metaphorical sense, this predicate is not applied to certain machines, the metaphorical meaning of its properties does not have the requirement that they have in RT of being applicable to both a tractor fitted with caterpillar and Robert, a person. As Goodman (1979, p ) said: a metaphorical application [the collection of things denoted by a word or other label] of a term is normally quite different from the literal application. Applied literally, the noun sapphire sorts out various things including a certain gem but pelo lake; applied metaphorically (in the way here more info in question [ The lake is a sapphire ]) it sorts out various things including a certain lake but pelo gem. Similarly, applied metaphorically bulldozer in (3) is used to denote a certain type of man but pelo tractor. The latter should be excluded from the denotation of the intended concept. 15 If this is so, the relevancetheoretic strategy of loosening inside of loosening to interpret category crossing metaphors would not be motivated. Although the derivation of metaphorical emergent properties as new properties for the metaphorical vehicle that apply to both its literal denotation and the topic is considered by Wilson and Carston (2008, p. 17) as an issue for all pragmatic accounts of metaphor, it is really only a problem for the theoretic explanation of metaphor as loosening in a continuum.

Finally, the eventual relevance of the overall message (verbal content plus emoticon) should also increase due to a lowering of mental effort needed to ascribe meaning to the graphic emoticon. 2.4 TRANS-INTERFACE CHOICE Beyond typographic emoticons (the traditional ones made up of letters and punctuation marks), interfaces for interactions on the Net usually offer their own galleries of emoticons to choose from. WhatsApp galleries differ enormously from the ones found on Facebook or on chat rooms. However, applications for these interfaces are also found in tablets and mobile phones, which have their own keyboards with emoticons (e.g. emoji ones). As a consequence, interfaces such as Facebook get intoxicated with emoticons not provided by the interface but by the device itself. This phenomenon may have implications on how conventionalized the use of emoticons is in the different interfaces, and on their eventual interpretation. 2.5 LACK OF EMOTIONAL GRADATION One of the aims in Yus (2005) was to check to what extent users were capable of distinguishing degrees in the intensity of the feelings and emotions communicated from a parallel amount of text deformation and emoticons, often involving creative modification of the core emoticons in order to communicate additional connotations YUS, Francisco. Not all emoticons are created equal. Linguagem em (Dis)curso LemD, Tubarão, SC, v. 14, n. 3, p , set./dez

27 nove relativamente recentes 3 e se somam a outros debates de que traçam as relações entre míPOR DIA e cidade. Nas palavras do Giorgia Aiello e Simone Tosoni (2016, p. 1253), a comunicação urbana se dedica a estudar as formas pelas quais as vizinhos se conectam ou não usando os outros e usando este espaço urbano atravfois de meios materiais, tecnológicos e simbólicos: Generally speaking, urban communication scholarship is concerned with the ways in which people in cities connect (or do not connect) with others and with their urban environment via symbolic, technological, and/or material means. In trying to understand these broader relationships and dynamics, however, it is necessary to maintain an ecumenical view on the various forms that this kind of scholarship may in fact take. As as we keep observing the growth and outreach of urban communication as an area of inquiry in its own right, we also need to take time to reflect on how we, as media and communication researchers, go about the city. (AIELLO e TOSONI, 2016, p. 1254) Há, por exemplo, pesquisas na área do comunicaçãeste urbana qual discutem como a Feitio pública, ao exatamente tempo, inhabits and creates a place and a space where tensions are projected, illuminated, and articulated (GALLAGHER e LAWARE, 2007, p.162). Segundo estas autoras, a retórica da Jeito pública pode evidenciar disputas inerentes à comunicação urbana, já qual aponta de modo a dinâmicas do poder e controle que constituem essa relação entre cidade e comunicaçãeste: [...] examining public art in urban spaces provides a rhetorical means for coming to understand some of the complex dynamics that define urban communication, dynamics that reflect struggles for power and control over the creation, meaning, and use of public resources, including public spaces.

125 Página554 provide more information than the utterance itself. The development of the subsequent narrative will carry forward the investment of the interpretive effort already made, and the effects achieved by the process of relevance will provide contextual assumptions for new inferences and new derivations. In fact, the inference will vary from reading to reading, according to the cognitive environment and the interpretive choices of each reader, since the contextual factors act on specific expectations of relevance in each case. However, in all cases there is a tendency for these expectations to be satisfied, in accordance to the preference of some inferences, since the pragmatic realization of the process is rarely rigid. Therefore, the inferential procedure does not yield better or worse interpretations necessarily, but changes them according to cognitive interests and personal valuation, culminating in cognitive benefit and increased knowledge (WILSON, 2011). CONSIDERATIONS Observed from the optical reference, fictional discourse provides an element somewhat eccentric to linguistic studies, being authentic Searle s position when he gave the fictional communication the status of parasitic to the conditions of normal language. In contrast, a pragmatic view of fictionality requires pelo gap between fictional discourse and ordinary communication. Fictionality can be best understood as a communicative resource, rather than an ontological category framed in some parasitic limit of language, or a boundary between different worlds.

A inauguração da nova rota reforça este objetivo da VINCI Airports de ampliar este desenvolvimento do tráfego aéreo da capital baiana. “Salvador tem amplamente potencial turístico.

23 Página452 WILSON; SPERBER, 2012, CLARK, 2013) this amounts to asking whether pictures can be said to give rise to explicatures. Explicatures are communicated assumptions recovered on the basis of pragmatic inference fleshing out encoded meanings. Pelo other variety of explicit meaning is recognised within relevance theory. If we assume that the encoded meanings referred to here are linguistically encoded, it may seem instantly clear that the answer to this question must be either pelo or only where pictures include linguistic material. Nevertheless, we believe that it is worth asking whether pictures can have explicatures for three reasons. First, there are encoded meanings which are not linguistic, including coded elements of nonverbal communication (discussed, for example, by WHARTON, 2009) and coded pictorial meanings such as the pictograms discussed by Forceville (2011; see also FORCEVILLE et al, 2014). Whether or not to extend the range of the term explicature to these phenomena is largely a terminological question. A key question in answering this is how similar the codes involved are to linguistic encoding/decoding. Second, some of the other ways in which pictures convey meanings seem to be closer to explicatures than others, suggesting that something along the lines of the explicature-implicature distinction could be useful in analysing pictures. Finally, we think that exploring this question will make a significant contribution to understanding how ostensive pictures are produced and understood. In section 2, we present the relevance-theoretic notion of explicature, making clear why this definition suggests that pictures will give rise to explicatures only where they include linguistic material. In section 3, we consider two kinds of coded communication which can appear non-linguistically: first, based largely on the work of Wharton (2009), we consider nonverbal communication in general; second, based on the work of Forceville (2011, FORCEVILLE et al, 2014) we consider pictorial codes.

Se você não é de familiaridade utilizando o inglês, aposte no manejorefregatráfego por um profissional de tradução do resumos. Mas é importante lembrar: este tradutor pegará o seu resumo em português e criará 1 abstract a partir dele.

Este valor é por 299 dólares anuais, este que têm a oportunidade de parecer proibitivo de modo a quem está iniciando no Comércio e precisa consumir uma quantidade grande por conteúdo em pouco tempo, para além do não deter tanto dinheiro de modo a investir.

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